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    Product code Trade name Chemical name Application
    HYCO-601 Water injection anti-expansion agent Cationic ammonium polymer preventing removal and waterization of clay
    HYCO-602 Drilling mud modifier Ammonium polymer modification of drilling fluid impreving
    HYCO-603 PA/D high-effect sand inhibitor Cationic ammonium polymer useful for drill fix and sand-landen Modified
    HYCO-604 P104 Clay Anti-expension Resin Macromolecule polymer Useful for drilling oil, watering
    HYCO-605 Clay stable agent Clay stable agent regard as stratum clay stable agent
    HYCO-606 cleanup additive for oil well acidify fracturing cleanup additive for oil well acidify fracturing make acid in stratum easy driven out from stratum
    HYCO-607 Acidification liquid gelation agent Macromolecule polymer fit for formulation gelation agent
    HYCO-608 HYCF-608 storngly oil recovery

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