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    Product code: HYCO-608
    Chemical name:
    Trade name: HYCF-608
    Physical properties:
    Appearance milky liquid
    Condensation point ≤1℃
    Miniglue content(%) ≤8
    Acidation visicosity ≥15.0 mpa.s/40℃
    (HCl 20%,20%)  
    Application and characterstics:
         1. principle:It is custom adoption oil recovery mode of acidation fracturing that for enchances oil recovery ,achieve aim of increase in yield.At the sam etime,for reduce diffusing capacity of activity acid to crack face,and form colloid reticular structure ,head off activity of chloride ion.Usually adding gelating agent in acidation,promopt acidation visicosity increase,is acidation livering agen.
         2. Ability judge and use ways:with China petrol natural gas vocating standard (SY/T5694-1995) perform .
         3.It is best that based on test result determination optimum dose when field use。
         Package and Storage:
         200Kg net in plastic drum
         Keep in room temperature
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